About Daynia

Daynia’s life adventures really accelerated when, at age 12, her artist mother and actor father sold the family home in Melbourne, Australia, and bought a tour bus. Imagine having the whole of Australia as your backyard!

Daynia travelled throughout Queensland, sponsored by the Queensland Arts Council, performing with her family in their lively musical comedy ‘Man from Snowy River with the Missus and Kids’. They were interviewed on Good Morning Australia and sponsored by Dick Smith to record and fly to USA to perform in the Hollywood Bowl for ‘Year of the Family’ in 1987.

This incredible experience inspired Daynia, her brother Sam and sister Louise to form their own band, OzStatic (the Ecstatic Aussies).  They hired a drummer and toured Japan and USA recording three CDs and winning ‘Best International Band’ at Hearon Music Awards in Las Vegas.

Throughout her life Daynia has maintained her interest in building better relationships, understanding human behaviour, and the brain/neuro hormones.  Her experience performing throughout Australia, Japan and USA to thousands of people has given her unique insight into the flow of creative energy, maintaining a healthy life balance and understanding self motivation.

Currently living on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia, Daynia enjoys surfing, singing in Mosaica Community Choir, African Dancing, and raising two amazing boys in between presenting her unique braintastic seminars.  She is also a certified Laughter Yoga instructor, artist, and writer.

Message from Daynia: “I look forward to meeting you at my next Braintastic seminar or paddle out and we’ll catch a wave together!”

Kickatinalong Bush Band: Clockwise – Louise, Sam, Dan, Daynia and Pat Petersen.

OzStatic: Sam, Daynia, Louise and John.

4 thoughts on “About Daynia

  1. Kira Chase says:

    Hey how have u guys been? I met u guys in Orem, Ut 16 yrs ago i used 2 be a Raborn But I’ve been happily married 2 a wonderful older man Chris Chase and I have a Precious 16 month old! Well I can’t wait 2 hear from u guys it’s been a long time! All my Love Kira

  2. Sonja Strathearn says:

    Hi Danyia, was thinking of you and looked you up. You might remember me as Sonja Hardman from EMP ward, Sonja Strathearn from North Stake in Brisbane when I married. We now live in Iowa City, Iowa n the USA. 7 kids later….
    Your family was amazing, and it was so much fun reading about your life and current adventure. If you’re ever up our way, would live you to visit. My husband Lane career is neuroscience.

    • Hi Sonja,

      Great to hear from you! We have some life experiences in common, I also lived in USA for 15 years and have dual citizenship. My 2 sons were born over there also. Neuroscience certainly is a fascinating field. Give my regards to Lane, I do remember you both.
      Love to all the family!

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